Rope Cleaning
Rope Cleaning

To position, initially developed from techniques used in climbing and caving.

Heavy Driver
Heavy Driver

For driving heavy trucks to heavy duty Load trucks and Big Machineries operators.


A manager or an employee of a beauty parlor/beauty saloon or home duty services.

Security Guard
Security Guard

Wide variety of places, including public buildings, retail stores, and office buildings.

Store Keeper
Store Keeper

In charge of the store department of small business house to large and also responsible for store control.


To reach the higher levels of buildings during construction, cleaning and renovation.


Building highways and bridges to installing kitchen cabinets, working both indoors and Outdoors.

Construction Labor
Construction Labor

For the development of infrastructure for small to large Buildings or cargo in city.

Executive Chef
Executive Chef

From tiny restaurant kitchens staffed by a handful of chefs to large industrial kitchens.

Cargo Duty
Cargo Duty

From tiny restaurant kitchens staffed by a handful of chefs to large industrial kitchens.


  • Engineers: Civil / Electrical / Mechanical / Electronic / Telecom /Computer/IT/ Petrol & Diesel
  • Architects/Planners, Construction Managers, QA/QC Inspector, HSE Inspector/Officer, Planning/Cost Controller, Documents/Drawing/Material Controller
  • Doctor, Medical Consultants, General Specialist, Physicians/Surgeons/Para Medical/Gynecologist/Physiotherapist
  • Professors/Teachers in various fields.
  • Financial & Banking Specialists (Cashier/Tailor/Manager)
  • Chartered/Cost Accountant/Merchandising Distributor, Administrative Personnel Distributor/Supplier & other more


  • Engineering and construction supervisors/Overseers,
  • Welders (Gas/Electric)
  • Foreman (Electrical/Mechanical/Civil)
  • Plant Operators (Electrical/Mechanical/Civil)
  • Mechanic/Turners/Tool Makers/Steel Fixers
  • Airport fire & Safety
  • Electricians (L. T. & H. T.)
  • Electroplate/Craft workers
  • Carpenters/Cabin Makers
  • Travelers & Tour (Ticketing/airlines), Receptionist
  • Scaffolders, Erector
  • Plumbers/Pipe Fitters
  • Masons/Tile Fixers/Plasters/Wall/Brick
  • Mechanics (Air Conditioning/Heavy & Light Equipment) Technicians
  • Hotel/Casino/Restaurant personnel: Waiter, Cook, Bakers, Front Office Personnel, Food and Beverage, House Keepers, Captain, Manager
  • Supermarket: Manager, Accountant, Supervisor, Cashier, Storekeeper, Salesman, Computer Operator, Driver cum Salesman
  • Garments Designer/Tailors/Textile/Jute Workers, Sewing Machine Operator
  • Computer Operators, Programmer, hardware technicians
  • Drivers (Heavy/Light)/Trailer/Equipment Operator/Bulldozer Operator, Earth moving/Construction Equipment Operators
  • Draught Men (Electrical/Mechanical/Civil), Riggers
  • Nurses/Caregiver/housekeepers/Midwives/CMA/CHW/ANM and Care Assistant (Male/Female)
  • Pharmacists Medical/Medical Representatives
  • Laboratory Technicians (Medical Assistants/Paramedics & other more.


  • (Security Personnel)
  • Ex’ British Army, Ex-Singapore Army
  • Ex’ Nepalese Army, Ex- Indian Army
  • Ex’ Nepalese Police/Armed Police Force
  • Armed Security
  • Security Supervisor/ Security Guard/ Body Guard


  • Carpenters/Stutterers
  • Concrete Mixer Operator
  • Helpers (Electrical/Mechanical/Civil)
  • Kitchen Helper/Assistance Cook
  • Laundry, Cleaner, Iron Men
  • Mason Helpers (Brick/Block/Marble/Chips/Ceramic)
  • Pump Operators
  • Block Makers
  • Garment Tailors/ Carpet Designer and Waivers Barbers/Beauty Parlor all types of hair dresser (Male/Female)
  • Gardeners and other more


  • General Labors
  • Cleaners/Sweepers/Helpers
  • Agricultural Labors/ Farmers/Field Plantation
  • Watchmen/Guards
  • Peon/Office Boy
  • Airport Loaders Industries Labors (Various Categories)
  • Dairy Workers and Salesman & other more