Human Rights & Fair Labor

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to work. Our business was founded, and continues to be based on, the respect for meaningful work as a fundamental human right.

We believe we should go beyond mere compliance with applicable employment laws. Our standard recruitment and employment practices are designed to protect internationally proclaimed human rights:

  • Freedom from forced labor
  • Abolition of child labor
  • Freedom from discrimination in employment
  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

We expect our employees to treat all people with respect, dignity, courtesy and fairness, and to maintain a safe and respectful work environment, free of abusive or unprofessional conduct or harassment of any type. Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics outlines these expectations in detail, and they are reinforced through annual training and certification.

We have a zero tolerance policy regarding human trafficking or forced labor of any kind and adhere to all international labor and immigration laws and regulations wherever we operate. We commit to promoting fundamental human rights within our sphere of influence, and encourage our clients and supply chain partners to do the same.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery, which forces an estimated 12.3 million people into forced labor or sexual servitude at any given time. Trafficking human beings is now the third largest illegal industry on the planet, following only arms and drug smuggling, and it is present in every country and territory in our network.

Sherpa International Manpower Consultancy Pvt.Ltd was the first company to sign the Athens Ethical Principles, which declare a “zero tolerance” policy for working with any entity which benefits in any way from human trafficking. This includes our clients, vendors and business partners. Our effort to engage more companies in support of the principles has resulted in more than 12,000 organizations signing up directly, or through the commitment of their industry federation. We have also secured the support of a number of global union organizations.

Sherpa International Manpower Consultancy Pvt.Ltd is in the business of helping to give every willing person access to, and the benefit of, decent work. The illegal and immoral trafficking of human beings takes away what we believe to be a basic human right—to have access to meaningful work which is rewarded in a fair manner.

By implementing these ethical principles throughout our company, Sherpa International Manpower Consultancy Pvt.Ltd is contributing to the eradication of human trafficking worldwide.