Code of Business Conduct and Ethics


We are all expected to do the right things and to do them well. We share these expectations with our partners and suppliers and others who are part of the work we do at Sherpa International Manpower Consultancy Pvt.Ltd to benefit all our stakeholders.

The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, introduced in December 2010 and revised in 2014, forms the basis for a shared understanding of the importance of sound, ethical practices in all of Sherpa International Manpower Consultancy Pvt.Ltd’s dealings, a prime example of the Sherpa International Manpower Consultancy Pvt.Ltd Experience.

We have a shared responsibility to do the right thing for all stakeholders and to protect our company’s reputation. One of the most important steps is that all employees must complete periodic training related to this code and company policies.

The Global Ethics Compliance Officer has designated training programs for our benefit. Because we want to help ensure compliance with this code, all employees worldwide (other than associates), and all members of the Board of Directors are required to complete and return a compliance report and certification on an annual basis.

Additionally, our Code of Business Content and Ethics is available on our website and as a PDF document so that all stakeholders can easily understand our standards and expectations of one another.

Ethical Conduct

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics promotes honest and ethical conduct throughout the organization, as well as provides a mechanism to report unethical conduct via the Sherpa International Manpower Consultancy Pvt.Ltd Ethics Hotline to help preserve the culture of honesty and accountability throughout the company.