About Nepal

danpheNepal is one of the 50 places to see before you die. It surprises you within moments of arriving in Nepal – an overwhelming sense of friendship, culture, community and spirituality. More than that, it will thrill you after seeing the
beauty and diversity. From all of the highest mountains in the world, eight are in Nepal including Mt. Everest at 8848 meters of altitude. This is the country where Buddha was born and where millions of Hindus worship millions of Gods and Goddess in their daily life. This part of the world is just different, more like a spiritual world which directly links with people’s day to day life.

Many people dream to visit Nepal once in their lifetime. Nepal is a dream place to experience culture and history, thousands of years of art crafts, amazing landscapes and trekking trails, elephant safaris into dense forest, and one of the best places in the world for outdoor and extreme sport activities and many more. You will find Nepal very small on the world map, between China and India, but as the saying goes “small is beautiful” and Nepal really enforces that saying.

There are lots of scope and opportunities to do business in Nepal. Don’t let the changing political climate worry you. The Nepalese businessman, perhaps your future partner, will show you the right way.

Nepal will benefit from increasing exports, so if you have a market outside the country, go ahead with your venture. Please look on our site in future for complete details on doing business in Nepal with us.


Nepal is rich in renewable energy. Similarly, Nepal also has huge potential for solar energy. The country is located at favorable latitude that receives ample amounts of solar radiation. From solar energy alone, around 2,920 GWh of energy per year can be harnessed with utilization of just 0.01% of the total land area of Nepal. Other renewable energy sources abundantly available in the country are biomass and wind. The sustainable supply of fuel wood from reachable area of all land resources is around 12 million tons. Likewise total production of animal dung is about 15 million tons. Utilization of 10% of the total area of Nepal could commercially generate more than 3,000 MW of electricity with consideration of the installed capacity of 5MW per km2.

Welcome to the world where religious harmony and peace prevail since the beginning. You will be surprised seeing stupa, temples, and mosques situated in the same location; it represents the deeply roots of social and religious harmony among the Nepali people.